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Nikki J’s Wig insurance

Nikki J’s Wig insurance

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Hello, we now offer Wig insurance and I know you’re thinking what does that consist of ?? Let me explain the Wig insurance is to ensure that any wig damages are completely covered for a year 

This coverage offers

3 closure, & frontal replacements

3 customization

5 styles of your choice

5 cutting bangs or layers

2x adding two extra bundles to your already existing unit!!

Must keep original color of the unit. 

Each wig you purchase can come with this
insurance service 

How to use

Wash Day: Rinse the hair with lukewarm water then apply Aussie conditioner and then wash with Tresemme shampoo make sure you wash the product out completely

Detangling: While the hair is still wet grab twig brush and start brushing the tips of the hair and make your way up the hair shaft

Air dry: Once you have fully detangled the unit please place on a wig head and like the hair air dry over night before styling


Return policy

Please make sure when purchasing this unit you are absolutely sure this is the unit you want because there is NO REFUNDS!!

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